Baden and Lucerne

Ahhhh, we arrive in Baden late at night and wake the next day to explore the town, see where we are and figure out what to do.

Baden is lovely, quiet, clean, peaceful.  Hilly but not exhaustingly so.  We wandered into a number of well positioned underpasses where there was a market and an after hours bar (I think that’s what it was).  So clever to avoid street crossings and in the harsh weather to provide a bit of cover.   

We walked across a wooden covered bridge, Brad pointed out this clock or sundial on the side of one of the buildings.

On our walk along the river, about 6 minutes we were treated to a show by a diving duck.

The pathway was slightly used and lined with trees and a natural feeling growth.  The river raged. I find it hard to believe that so much water can keep flowing and flowing nonstop all day all week all month and into forever but it seems to.

The elevator ride up was fun and left us in a small plaza.  There were a number of sopping streets, all car free, and then a large train station.  From what I read it seems that  there is. Alas that shops are to close on Sunday except in the train stations so stations are like small malls.

Feeling like we had seen Baden we headed for a deli to pick up some ham and salami for the apartment. 

The owner of Metzgerie Muller helped us personally and recommended a number of hams and salamis and we even walked off with a little package of liverwurst.  He directed us to a chocolate shop a 15 minute walk across the bridge.

The views were amazing. 

The view of the castle up on the hill.

The view back to town

The views down the river

And then the view in the chocolate shop.  

Not a place I would recommend, but still a nice walk and a bit of sweet.

After loading up we thought again and decide that we should invest in a train pass so off to the sbb office and train passes procured we headed to Lucerne.  Brilliant, beautiful and about an hour or so away.

Not having done any planning we arrived and found a city filled with clean streets and shopping.  We did some Rolex reconnaissance and window shopping. 

Sat by the lake, wandered into chocolate shoppes.  Here is Lucerne Rothman has cornered the chocolate market,  I would say seek out lauderach, it has one shop but is much tastier. 

We walked across bridges and under arches and checked on a few not so good looking Chinese places.

With time running out and huger mounting we wandered, desperate for food  into Cabanas – a place for tapas..  it was delicious. 

We had a 9 franc bottle of water and an 8 franc salad, a pot of garlic oil and shrimp in which we dunked half a loaf of and a skewered chicken covered Lina slice of lightly fried gam.  Perfect, delicious wonderful. 

The chef was English speaking and we had a long discussion about prices and paying for water and I have decided to treat it like a cover charge.  I have also decided to drink from my own water bottle.

And that reminds me… water fountains.  Real fountains all over town where you can fill your own water bottle.  I had heard about them but the butcher said we co8uld drink from them nd 24 hours later I am still here.

We took the train back. Walked up the hill and fell into bed exhausted… exhausted and planning a few more days of train travel.

Random photos of the covered bridge with its horrifying skeleton pictures hanging over you.

A fabulous pair of shoes

And Gotsch, a castles/ hotel we spotted as our train pulled into the station.  We were told that the view from the hotel is amazing so it , and the museum Sammlung Rosengart ar ereas9ns to return.  

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