All the Trains to Sierre for Fondue

A day of train adventure. With our passes in hand and some reading behind us we thought rather than just heading out on one of the panoramic routes we would piece together our own day of mountains and train rides.

Heading out of Baden about 9:30 am we took the trains to Zurich to Erstfeld to Göschenen where skiers all got on and we cogged up to Andermatt where we had lunch then on to Visp where we hadn’t heard anything good to do so off to Sierre where we enjoyed some sweets, a walk, some wine. And a fondue dinner. 

I think , given more time to plan I would have chosen a town rather than a ski resort for lunch, but then we would have missed the scenery- and that was the point of the day. 

So, what did we see-  mountains, snow, lakes, rivers, rocks,  and open space under crisp blue skies.

What did we eat?  Lunch of Rosti and a pork schnitzel- neither very good but it was a ski town, Andermatt, at a restaurant that specialized in Rosti (or so they claim) called Tell Gasthaus.

 Something that totally amazed me. On leaving Geschenen there was a train of cars.  You see, there is a very long tunnel to go through and rather than cars driving through they line them up on rail cars and train them through.    

The train goes from Oberwald to Sedrun and is called the Furka car train.   It’s a twenty minute trip through ten miles of tunnel. It leaves every thirty minutes or so and saves you from driving over the top and can be the only way through if snow closes the roads.    I think you sit in your car like on a ferry boat.  I thought this was amazing.  The whole idea of it. Starting with snow and hills and ending with a train ride.  It costs abut 30 francs.  No bargain but worth the bit of fun.  

Our chocolates in Sierre ranked up with the best and dinner was perfect.  

Before dinner we walked a bit of the town

We started with wine

Which seemed appropriate as we had been walking through what we assumed were vineyards

Dinner- the point of the day.  At Chateau de Villa in Sierre

We were served three kinds of meats…

If we go back to Sierre there are two places we passed that looked like things we might like. First, Chez Alva, a bakery

And then Salumeria Italiana.  Looks like a deli for salami and prosciutto 
We found nothing resembling chinese. 

And some Miscellaneous photos from the day

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