Loved Solothurn, not so much Fribourg

I had intended all along to get to Solothurn, a town that they say is obsessed wiht the number 11. 11 churches, 11 this, and even an 11 hour clock. But today I was headed to Fribourg…I had to see the Marionette Museum. But soemwhere along the way, perhaps as the train was pulling into Olsten, I had a flash… why not do both!

So off to Solothurn I went and I saw the 11 hour clock.

But that is not why I loved Solothurn.

I loved the walk across the car free streets

to the river

where I saw a book box

Then into town with its fountains

and cobbled car free zone.

I made it in time for the Market which is open Wednesdays and Saturday mornings.

I had a famous Solothurner Torte from Suteria which you can find as you approach St. Ursen Cathedral

but the reason to love Solothurn was the art museum. Where when you make a donation it sets off the Tinguely machine

And yes, there was a Monet and a Picasso among other things

And yes they put the temporary exhibit of modern art right in the middle of all the famous works of the permanent collection.

But they had a room filled with paintings of Solothurn.

It was also a town that was obviously built around a walled city, or from a walled city…

And then back on the train to Fribourg.

It held promise in that the first thing I saw upon exiting the train station was a chinese restaurant.

But that should have been a clue, this was the most American feeling town I have been to, I kept thinking I was in White Plains NY. The buildings, the people…

Of course, there may have been a pretty pedestrian zone, or an old town, but even as I wandered I didn’t seem to find it.

I admit I was tired and under a bit of time pressure, and I don’t want to say there wasn’t a pretty thing or two to see

the views…

yes, the views were spectacular

but, well, maybe I need to go back and do a bit more wandering

the climb

but I was disappointed all the way through

The Marionette museum was little more than someones collection of hand puppets

The Tinguely museum was a pittance compared with the last I had been to.

And there just wasn’t as much charm as I have become accustomed to while traveling Switzerland this past week.

It was a dud to end on this but I head back to London tomorrow and thats it for me here.

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