Winterthur – Museums & Lymer Chocolates – the best so far

I was on my way to Solothur and doing a little early morning googling when I read that the town of Solothur has a thing for the number 11 and a clock that is special when it turns 11 o’clock, so I quickly looked to somewhere else to go and and Winterthur seemed like a good choice. Saving Solothur and the 11 for another day.

With many museums and the largest pedestrian zone in Switzerland Winterthur seems like a promising possibility and it was.

I arrived before lunchtime and headed up the hill to my chosen 1st stop. The collection of Oskar Reinhart in a house on the hill with what is said to be a fabulous view.

As per the way things go I walked up the hill to find – closed.

I walked down the hill and found myself face to face with the house of my dreams

With its library looking out over the town, perched amongst the trees, it was all I could do not to knock on the door and ask for a glass of water so I could see the kitchen. But maybe they too would charge for water?

Continuing down that big old hill I missed the bus by 7 seconds so what choice did I have, I strolled back into town. I first came to the Kunst Museum – I finally looked it up – Kunst meaning art as opposed to history.

It was amazing. Almost no one else was there and I was once again, as I have been all through Switzerland in these smaller towns with there amazing museums, alone in rooms filled with art I could, if I chose to, reach out and touch.

And then the fedex box???

I have a favorite Van Gogh now, that’s so fun for me.

And more Giacometti

And then an Agnes Martin… Which makes me so happy, because I recognized the white then the name… so I am making progress.

then of course a bit of Paul Klee, all of which was more familiar than what we saw at the Paul Klee Museum in Bern

After art then there was walking.

The pedestrian area seemed to go on forever but with no good lunch options I began satisfying the craving with a butteries pretzel from De Grabebeck. I love a pretzel, but one sliced like a bagel and buttered – my life will never be the same!

stumbled into an Italian market and feasted on salami.

Then a found a grocer and had some cheese and a few handful of peas

then chocolate at Lymer where I indulged in a few little chocolate meringue bites and two truffles. I think the meringue was the best thing I have ever eaten.

With my hunger satisfied it was onto the other Kunst Museum Winterthur , I believe this one was devoted more to the collection of Oskar Reinhart – he of the closed house/museum on the hill from earlier in the day.

There was a special exhibit of works by Carl Spitzweg (never heard of him), but his work was interesting. Ranging from a bit impressionistic to portrait and landscapes, then this one.

I was able to translate the description ( partially) and I hand it to the curator. Pointing out that there is neither floor nor ceiling visible, the man is alone, surrounded by knowledge.. and this was the subject ( according to what I read here) of much of Spitzwegs work

and a great landscape by Giovanni Giacometti – the father I think

There were many paintings by Ferdinand Hodler that I liked very much, but really I was tired by then and came across one last thing to make me smile before I headed home

And Miscellaneous photos from the day

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