Thai Fish Sauce Chicken Wings & From The Guardian on our total failure at the Federal Level and what is to come if we don’t pull it together..

We have been enjoying Hot ThaiKitchen on YouTube and yesterday I saw these wings and since last month, at the start of Lockdown I made my only run out, to the Korean Grocer, I have fish sauce, bought on a lark or a hope.

Simple to make if you are up to frying. Marinate 30 minutes in a bit of fish sauce, coat lightly in starch ( we used potato but you can use corn and she used rice) and fry. Her technique is worth watching. About 5 minutes a side. We used the new electric fry pan and tested the temperature with the new temperature gun – it was off – we adjusted

Optional to sprinkle with white pepper, and we might add the smallest amount.

I cannot believe it when each day a new horror is unleashed by this white house. Its often more than one, but who can keep track.

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