Mini Bundt Cakes!! Gritty Ganache

Loving the stand mixer so very much. The biggest problem is what to do with all the baked goods if I were to bake every day so I have been entertaining myself searching out the best things to bake.

For days I have wanted to make mini bundt cakes. A yellow cake with chocolate chips with a drizzle of chocolate.

I found a few recipes online and a couple of YouTube videos and settled on a recipe that uses sour cream.

In the end I learned that I should melt chocolate over a double boiler. The cakes were mighty good. The frosting was a bit gritty

The directions say to stir over low heat until the chocolate melts and becomes glossy. I turned up the heat a bit too high and couldn’t wait for the gloss before I tried it.

I really want to see some justice where Jeff Bezos is concerned

And am so happy that Bill Gates is around. It’s nice to see someone smart and without agenda describing the world we find ourselves in and trying fo find a way out. Tis is a man who will have. legacy.

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