Another try at Cake, 76,000 dead in the US, and we are opening????

This is another recipe that is supposed to be “Ultimate”.

The secret ingredients are Mayonnaise, Guiness, and Espresso powder. And it is goooood!!!

Found on Youtube during another all day binge watching session it made the cut of 3 cakes I wanted to try to make.

I watched the video four times, printed it twice and this morning set the ingredients out and started the process.

Mixed the dry ingredients together

set it all aside

whipped my butter and sugar and added the eggs…then the dry ingrediaents

and stirred in the chocolate chinks

and got cake

I still don’t have all the tools and pans etc.. so I made 2 nine inch cakes rather than three 8 inch ones.. and with the leftover, made some little mini cupcakes.

They cam out as seconds, but so yummy. This is a good cake..

Frosting still to come.

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