The world has gone mad…and we made carbonara!

Funny photo for the day

People refusing to wear masks, stores refusing customers entry if they are wearing a mask… freedom?

Well, 1.5 million in the US tested positive so far, 100,000 dead and The NY Times has dedicated their front page to some of them

and we went out to pick up a pillow at Bed Bath and Beyond on Miracle Mile. It wasn’t our first time out, we do do pickups and joy rides. It feels good to get out after nine weeks in the house, and what a great surprise to see this view from the parking lots 4th floor.

Exhausted when we returned home and unwilling, though no longer unable to go out to dinner as restaurants are open again for dining, we threw together, for the first time, carbonara.

Bon Apetite recommends 6 egg yolks and 1 egg with half Pecorino and half Parm cheese. We agreed, not so good.. Next time no Pecorino, and perhaps a bit more pasta water to smooth it out.

It did look good and was easy enough.

Did I mention the president is playing golf… on this Memorial Day weekend.

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