A Tart and a great quote about our president … “Lacking qualities we associate with responsible adulthood”

Trumps bullying cannot disguise his weakness… from the Washington Post

and as we made our tart we got to play with so many of our new toys…

I have never rolled a pie dough, or mixed in butter with my hands, or made a tart or anything like it before. How terribly intimidating … from Bon Appetit

But it wasnt that bad… Make the dough, make the caramel, make the ganache. Three steps… I took on the dough and ganache and Brad handled the caramel ( smart after what I did to it last time.. it took 30 minutes to come to color.. I would have cut that to ten but it would have been a mess).

then just roll it out, and put it in the pan! While the sugar starts to melt.

a little double boiler for the chocolate melt, while the tart crust was baking.. rice as pie weights.. who knew?

and assemble…

then put your feet up as it cools in the refrigerator…

Except, who can wait that long…

so we sliced in and it was not as good as we had hoped. But it was gorgeous…

The caramel was reported to have been runny in the comments and by the time we got to it the next morning, sure enough we had spillage.. but today it was delicious. Perhaps this is a lesson in expectations.

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