Corn Soup Again

Trumps Lie of Empty Cupboard exposed, From the HuffPost

A bit on the culture war and Mask Shaming.

This time I added bacon to the mix.

I sautéed the bacon in with the leeks. I think this was a mistake.

Although it smelled amazing!

Next time going to do the bacon, remove it, sauté the leeks, add a bit of garlic, then the corn. Then immersion blend 3/4 of the mixture for a long time working til smooth, then add back in with the milk, the cobs, and the bacon for a 10 minute simmer… remove the cobs and hoping to have chinks of bacon, leeks and corn in a chowder like soup.

I am still loving the presto electric skillet.

And now I am wondering, why soup? why not just corn with leeks and bacon? and could it be peas? frozen peas? with leaks and bacon?

I should admit that I am not suffering through lockdown as many are. My home is lovely and built for days like this. My kitchen is large and open, my yard lovely to look at.

I have been ordering from Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, and as many small retailers as I can to restock the kitchen after 3 years of being away and giving away.

So many people are out of work, so many kids are going hungry, so many people don’t know what they are going to do, how they are going to do. And I feel the hopelessness as so many in this country still feel trump is the answer. I do hope for a full sweep and that the democrats can really get behind change.

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