Seafood Chowder…and the worst week any of us can remember as deaths surpass 100,000 in the U.S.

Fish Soup – in honor of Judie, who eats all my offerings and loves me no matter how fat I try to make her… Hugs Judie, and thank you.

SO it started when I asked Judie if there was anything special she would like and she forwarded on a recipe from Bon Appetit for Seafood Chowder.

I must admit, I was intimidated. I have NEVER made any soup other than chicken and there were a lot of ingredients and some unusual timing. We still arent sure if you add the fish before the cream mixture, but I went ahead and it was pretty good.

I softened the onions in my new dutch oven

added stock using my new measuring cup

and whisked the cream with my new whisk. Almost everything here is new and I think that’s half the fun.

If I make it again I would double the cream, cut back the pepper and get the lobster. As it was we used a swordfish steak, some cod, and the ends of the frozen shrimp.

Our freezer is stocked and has been for a month, what, with not knowing if the markets were going to remain empty and delivery would remain viable, but things have calmed down so we are emptying the freezer.

I don’t mean thing have calmed in the world, last night, David Brookes said it outright, this has been a terrible week.

George Floyd, another black man killed for no reason.

Riots in the streets.

The world opening up long before it is safe.

Gripped by disease, unemployment and outrage at the police, America plunges into crisis.

People ignoring warnings. And then test positive for the virus.

The president stirring the pot.

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