Pasta, Shrimp and Broccoli

One of Tess’ favorites and one of mine too.

Best to use a lovely squiggly pasta and fresh grated cheese.

SO Tess my darling, this is what I do.

Cut your broccoli and set aside.

Cut your shrimp and set aside

boil a pot of water, salt it

add pasta

2 minutes before pasta is done add the broccoli

turn on your skillet

add 4 Tablespoons of butter

On low heat warm 3 cloves crushed garlic,

your pasta should be ready

scoop it out, along with the broccoli and add it to your skillet

Toss it and season with hot flakes, salt, pepper…

Dump it into a bowl, and smother in freshly grated cheese

I love this bowl

It was another purchase.. for salad… for making Caesar Dressing.. but we have moves passed this stage and now make our dressing with another new toy

The Bowl: I use it for everything because it cleans up like a non stick pan.. and its the perfect size to

drain anythign fatty if you line it with paper towel

toss a salad

serve pasta, as you can see

catch cheese as it shreds out of the kitchenade


sharing French fries

I sent one to my son, and wonder, if my daughter reads my blog will she know to ask e for one?

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