Escargot Pastry, 125,000 Americans Dead, Face masks a political symbol…

Remaking our economy, a reaction to the Black Lives Matter Protests and the covid 19 pandemic, is getting some press. So, what white priviledge are you willing to give up?

Trump Lies again, or did he just ignore? forget? you don’t think its true that his National Security team knew and didn’t bother to mention it that the Russians had put a bounty on Americans in Afghanistan?

What is it? Don’t ask Pence.

And a baking experience.

As we head into our 15th week of locked in the house I have gone through moods and realizations, I have tried to start good habits and change bad ones, with some success some days. What I have been successful at is cooking.

I am baking, and woking, and using new tools and learning new recipes. And I am starting to share them. Which leads me to today. I am trying to create another habit. A habit to more fully documenting what I am cooking – what works and what doesn’t.

Did the pastry work today… well, let’s say it is a work in process. It was good, but I think it could not only be better but also remember that it tastes better after being cooled.

I worked two recipes from YouTube. The first, a woman who it seems was YouTubing her first try at making faux au raisin ( and when I went back to link to it, its gone) and Bruno, a professional baker.

Hers could not have been simpler. She used a store bought dough and made a simple custard. He on the other hand spent the better part of a day making his dough and within it he had to roll out an 8 x 12 inch layer of butter. I feel I have to do that. And luckily I have time , no hurry. SO eventually I am sure I will…

I started with publix flaky pastry dough. I over defrosted and had to work with semi warm dough becasue, well, I wasnt interested in waiting.

Like Bruno I went to chill the custard, which is necessary, but was too lazy to cover with wrap so of course it formed a layer which chunked up the creamy smooth custard. No worry, once it was spread on the dough and rolled in it didnt matter, but when cooking and eating spoonfuls, it could have been better.

I also should have either tucked the leading edge under so they wouldn’t unravel or used some sort of frame. Bruno recommends a ring first buttered then covered in brown sugar. Sounds wonderful.

I was successful in the most important way, they were delicious.

The second batch was better. In that batch I rolled the dough larger and tighter and used mini chips rather than full size chips.

I have put some in the freezer to see how that goes because a package of dough makes 8-10 of these snails and thats just too many. And with the custard recipe, double that. I made new friends in the neighborhood as I went door to door passing them out.

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