My sign and a failed Brownie Attempt

I have decided to buy a sign today, THERE IS A Great STORY.

and as I looked around I found Three women who just want to spread kindness, and all proceeds to charity . So I got a sign and a mug.. Todays donation (30 donations in 30 days) went to Jewish Community Services for the Kosher food Bank.

Having never bought a yard sign before I was surprised, though I shouldn’t have been, that there are many versions, but I would like one where the contribution goes to a good cause. Of course, these days, any small business is a good cause. With millions out of work, the death toll in florida alone yesterday was more than 100 for the fourth day in a row.

I craved a good Brownie all day but the internet was fuzzing and the only recipe I could access was from Honeysuckle.

I watched the video and figured could add nuts so off I went. Please remember I am not a baker but I am pretty good at following directions. SO, with the written directions on the screen I ventured into melting chocolate and whisking ingredients. At the end I couldn’t figure out why I had such a tiny amount of batter. Tehn I noticed that the instructions didnt ever say to add the melted chocolate to the batter.. so I did, but it was after the flour went in and perhaps a bit too late… but I did get a few nice bites and my craving is gone.. so.. another day…

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