Reading The Alice Network, 138,000 dead Americans and one out of control Executive Branch

I keep attempting to get a bit on track. Seems I have been doom scrolling for a long time. I started this blog to keep track of my life: what I was watching, reading, eating.. and though the pandemic has me trapped in the house, 121 days inside and counting, I am reading and eating and Have been clipping articles.. for posterity.. so I can find them when I want them…

So today I try again to finish a post and see if I can publish it.

Definitely enjoying The Alice Network. “This fast-paced story offers courageous heroines, villains you love to hate, and dramatic life-or-death stakes. A compelling blend of historical fiction, mystery, and women’s fiction, Quinn’s complex story and engaging characters have something to offer just about everyone.”  (Library Journal (starred review)

In the news….

Miami is still the epicenter of the country with ICU’s at 120% of capacity and the crazy continues, with the Federal Government under Trump taking control of Covid Data, people are worried, and rightly so, that that data will be used or hidden, not for the benefit of the country, but as a tool in this administrations war on the country.

Every time I hear of another Republican struggling with his/her conscience, I get hopeful….”Some Republicans in LaPorte say there is a growing sense within the local party that the Supreme Court trade-off — another seat on the bench for four more years of Mr. Trump — might no longer be worth it.”

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