Bad Brownies and trumps storm troopers in Portland?

I have been having a Brownie craving.. very serious. A need for chocolate, a bit fudgish and rich with walnuts. I made some wonderful brownies last week using a recipe from Tasty and wanted now to try one from The Preppy Kitchen but with my internet spotty I wound up with a recipe from Honeysuckle. I watched the video and read the recipe at least twice and then went for it.

And they were pretty bad… I and am pretty sure it was to do with the order the ingredients were added. You see, I mixed the eggs, I melted the butter, I stirred in the chocolate and when I got to the end it looked like I had just a cup or two of batter. I reread the recipe, I had done it all.. then I turned around and found half the ingredients hadn’t been combined in. Why? well, there was no place in the written recipe where I was directed to add them.

So, I added them in all the wrong order and got flat lifeless brownies..

But that isn’t the worst thing to happen..

as I so often say and feel… what more could possibly horrify me. As cases of Covid spread out of control in this country ( and not through other first world nations) , as our president and his party continue to deny there is a problem, as our governor, who has done nothing to confront the problem, blames the media.. I mean really, what more can there be.

Well, how about federal officers plucking protesters off the streets and pushing them into unmarked cars without arrest – against the wished of the city and the state.

” The Oregon attorney general filed a lawsuit late Friday night alleging that the federal government had violated Oregonians’ civil rights by seizing and detaining them without probable cause during protests against police brutality in the past week.” “The federal government is “overstepping their powers and injuring or threatening peaceful protesters on the streets of Downtown Portland,” according to a release from the Oregon Department of Justice Friday.”

and here, locally.. the reason we don’t leave the house- from the Miami Herald

11:13 a.m.: The Florida Department of Health announced 12,478 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in its latest report Sunday morning and 87 deaths among Florida residents. The state and national record for new cases was 15,300 on July 12. State health officials reported over 115,000 test results Sunday with a 14.3% positive rate. A total of 5,091 people are now confirmed to have died from the novel coronavirus in Florida, including 109 residents of other states.  In Miami-Dade County, there were 3,233 new cases confirmed Sunday with a 20.5% rate of positive tests, according to state data.
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I find it almost impossible to believe that people I know, people I like, people I thought were well balanced, well meaning, caring people seem still to support this president and his actions or lack thereof.

In order to cheer myself up I do slip off periodically into fantasy land with some of my favorite YouTubers

On day 19 of my 30 days of giving I began supporting their channel.

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