King Arthur Brownies and a full day

And when I say a full day I mean I made lunch, and dinner, and brownies, I ran 2 loads of dishes, washed 10 pots/bowls/ who knows what.

there were Chinese Fish Sauce chicken wings which were amazing, as always. Just lay them out on a try, let them sit in stinky fish sauce for 20-30 minutes and ….delicious…Today I remembered to fry half with a potato starch coating which crisped them up. So in the side by side I can confidently say that with starch and a good double fry is better than anything else I tried so far.

Still in the search for the ultimate brownie I went back to basics and King Arthur. They were good. I love nuts in my brownies but upon a 3rd taste I think they were better without. Perhaps when you get a good brownie it doesn’t need nuts, or perhaps, on my third tasting I had had enough of the nuts. Either way it was a pretty easy recipe and well worth the try.

I also made croutons and did 2 loads of laundry, so yup, just a typical day here in lockdown.

The most fun I have though is usually opening up a good package of new toy(s) or instacart with some ingredient for a meal I might be planning. None of that today, but I did get to use my new squeeze bottles. They failed at the job of spritzing oil on the croutons ( not enough flavor) but they were fun to use anyway.

Like so many other things I have purchased I coveted them for a while… I went back and forth over what to put in them and what kind of top I wanted. These covid days many of us will do anything for entertainment. So I have two oils, a fish sauce and oyster sauce in the fridge and sent two to my little girl.

Im keeping busy..

on this 20th day of giving I donated to rename the Pettus Bridge in Memory of John Lewis who died yesterday.

I suppose anything these days to avoid the news.

How America failed at fighting this pandemic.. yet another look.

The White House is trying to take funding away for testing!

There are so many ways to look at this… and all day long we do.

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