it is what it is, and at my house its cake

As the president says..”it is what it is”.

republicans finally see they are doomed…. I sure hope so.

And I made an outrageously delicious cake.

I was watching food 52 and Erin was talking about a cake that uses no butter or oil, just cream and eggs.. a picture flashed on the screen and I searched out a caramel milk chocolate crunch cake. Sadly the sour cream frosting was a huge disappointment but it all was looking so pretty I had to go with it.

I made crunch, filled the center with dulce de leche and the cake weighed like lead. But I loved it. I also got a better handle on the decorating situation…

Next day I scraped off the icing from some, gave some away and tomorrow I will try again.

Meanwhile I have been enjoying YouTube.

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