I frosted the cinnamon bundt and enjoyed a bit of art

Well, I have been in the house about 140 days and I cannot really remember what it was like to get up every day and head out on an adventure. I once went to galleries and museums and tracked down interesting outdoor art regularly. Now I watch a bit of Frick or Barnes on YouTube and I stay subscribed to a few newsletters and museum sites. And today I enjoyed a few photos of living statues that were in DC

and then others appeared in Portland.

And I frosted the bundt. I made a cream cheese frosting, and did a side by side by making half flavored with cinnamon, and then, because it was there, poured caramel over half. so yes, 4 different topping combinations to taste. All fabulous, but a bit of caramel and a cinnamon frosting won hands down.

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