Is there a future for the Republican Party.

When trump was elected and it became clear who and what he was (clearer?) I hoped perhaps a new Republican Party would emerge. one of social liberalism, fiscal conservatism. Now I find myself hoping for a discussion about Gross Domestic Happiness as opposed to GDP…

Last night I went to bed wanting a really good cookie and feeling the same hopelessness I have felt for 141 days, or for 3 1//2 years. This morning I am up early having decided on a cookie

And I stumbled onto this sentence in a Times opinion piece by David Brooks – “Levin’s thinks the prevailing post-Trump viewpoints define the problem too much in economic terms. The crucial problem, he argues, is not economic; it’s social: alienation. Millions of American don’t feel part of anything they can trust. They feel no one is looking out for them. Trump was a false answer to their desire for social solidarity, but the desire can be a force for good.”

It is one of the few political pieces I have read in ages that didnt make my blood boil.

Yesterday I made Carbonara for the second day in a row… How many eggs? 1 for every 100 grams of pasta, perhaps add a yolk

What kind of cheese? finely grated Parm

Chunky bacon? yup!

add the cheese to the egg? yes I did!

add the boiled pasta to a pan with the heat on and bacon crisped, toss it, take it off the heat, add the egg, just stir a bit.

on my first try I was too heavy with the egg and had the heat on.. scrambled eggs… the second try was perfect ( perhaps a bit too much cheese) but creamy and delightful. It was breakfast. I have been sleeping in.

Then this morning I woke early and saw a quote that made me smile.

and continue to watch my plant grow…

Turns out if I sit in Brads chair I can get the dessert rose in the picture and we will have something to measure it against as the days go by…

much better than watching the daily death toll rise…

When it says 1,249 new deaths. That is in a day. Like a 9/11 every day, like a couple of plane crashes a day… forget the state government, even if DeSantis weren’t an idiot following our president blindly the federal government should be doing something….wouldn’t ya think

But they seem to be…. not helping.

The unemployed are about to become homeless.

It isn’t safe to leave your home. See the numbers above, they are for the US. For us here in Florida, well , we make up about 20% of that number and in Miami, you cant get a bed in a hospital. “

Miami-Dade hospitals had between 500 and 600 COVID patients throughout much of May and early June until the virus began to accelerate throughout the rest of the month and spike to a peak of about 2,300 patients countywide on July 21

And some localities are making their own money to keep their communities afloat.

Me, I’m going to bake. And enjoy the roses my neighbor dropped by yesterday,

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