It’s Kamala!!! & Defunding the Post Office – trump is at it again/still

I was an early supporter when Senator Harris announced her bid for the White House and I am so glad that wise minds prevailed and she was brought on by Biden to be his running mate. It meant the last couple of days have been happier. It’s nice to read positive things and have some hope.

With all this happiness I woke up wanting a perfect cake. I reached back to one of the first cakes I made during lockdown.

Its a beautiful little cake. Melt in your mouth chocolatey sweetness.

I melted the chocolate, separated the eggs but my whites wouldnt fluff. With Brads help we wound up rigging a bad fix and this is what we wound up with.

It was actually very yummy, completely gooey, and sweet… but a bit thin. Next time we will follow the recipe a bit closer.

and then more of this nonsense from the administration.

“So much of the Democratic asks are really liberal left wishlists we don’t want to have — voting rights, and aid to aliens, and so forth,” Kudlow said. “That’s not our game.”

And Trump says aloud

and as an aside

The Real Reason the American Economy Boomed After World War II

How expanding opportunity for women, immigrants and nonwhite workers helped everyone — and why we need to do so again.

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