North Carolina

On March 19 one year to the day after arriving back in the US for what we thought would be a few weeks, I finally got the J&J vaccine . A few weeks later we got in the car and headed north. The death toll is at 550,000 Americans dead from covid 19 and the unvaccinated are still dying.

We don’t know what to do about that.

Can we blame Fox News? yes, partially. Can we blame a racist society? yes, partially. There is a lot of blame to gp around I suppose and we as a society seem to be more fractured than ever.

As hard as I try to come up to a solution for this and the worlds other problems unless I am made dictator and everyone does as I say I think I will just accept that I cannot solve this and the best I can do is put one foot in front of the other and get a move on. And that is how we got to North Carolina and now beyond.

The drive to Lake Norman was fairly uneventful. The big excitement was my new favorite tool.

Yup, I now pee standing up. No more dirty toilet seats, and lots less yuck factor when its time to go.

And yes, this really does make my life easier and better and I have become way more willing to stray from home. No leaks, a little muss and very little fuss. And with that we arrived safe and sound in North Carolina

We spent days driving around, took a few short hikes, saw a few waterfalls, discovered a place we might want to live and found a few places to remember.

There were more churches than confederate flags and there was a church, well, there were plenty of churches.

even a bit of a church by the side of the rooad

and some great postboxes

a few little libraries

and some nice signs

a history center where I was really happy I had my pee tool

and a blimp that followed us for much of our ride home

And on to Asheville

where our first stop was for fried chicken at Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack. The wings were fine but not battered so I suggest some Mac and cheese and a couple of battered and fried thighs.. with a hot honey butter sauce

We visited the Garden at the University

Took a walk along the river

And we barely saw Asheville because we were caught in the pipeline ransomware attack and gas shortage

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