Arthur Ave, Milk Bar, China town, all on a rainy day

One super nice thing about having a car in NYC is on a rainy day is that you can hop in and go from one end of town to the other. Today, we started up on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx where we had heard there were wonderful Italian shops – delis, restaurants, bakeries.

Then headed into Chinatown where we walked a bit and picked up a few things, then off in search of cake. 

On a side street just off Arthur Avenue we found a little shop where the ladies out front swore they did the best mozzarella,  We went in and got a little of this and a little of that.  It was not nicer than diPalos … too small and crowded really and though they had a nice selection of pasta and I had a good time looking around, bought some Prosciutto and Sopressetta and a little bottle of truffle cream, I am not tempted to go back.

Picked up a little pork at Hay Hay Roasted.  Very tasty and they had the coolest machine that sealed up the package.

We thought we would walk through the area and pop into a few tiny dimpling shops but really, in the area we were in, few were found.  We did stop in and have surprisingly good, though deep fried dumplings at Ming See Kitchen, but I am not recommending. 

We thought we would try Dominique Ansel on the way home for a sweet but the line outside was ridiculous so we headed for Milk Bar’s Flagship and on the 4th time around the block found a parking space right out front.  What a disappointment.  SO much so that I already wrote off to tell them so.  The place was depressing, the cakes in the showcase sad, not enough help and well, generally not the happy feel you would expect. 

The cookies were good, but not good enough to go back.  Such a sad sad way to end the day. 

And while I have found a new way to create these posts, adn I think I figured out the mapping, I am struggling to insert articles I fond interesting.  Hoping soon to solve that problem but for now… If you think things are bad in this country as I do , and if you are horrified that each day brings worse news, more mass shootings, continued ignorance, then follow this link to the outrage of the day. 


Tennessee hat shop in storm over ‘not vaccinated’ Star of David badges


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