Lunch at the Dutch where we had a great onion soup and a perfect pretzel but mediocre or worse ribs, just not enough meat and not so much flavor.

The town of Saugerties was lovely to walk. All sorts of shops and restaurants to poke into and decorated with butterflies.

We stopped in at Violets Bakery and everything looked good. We went with the chocolate chip cookie over her grandma’s potato chip cookie recipe and though they were good but with a hint of an orange flavor that takes away from the perfection of a chocolate chip cookie. I would return for something else another time.

The end of the day brought us to Adams Fairacre farms for a bit of marketing

and Sunfrost farms where we picked up a pretty good brownie and may go back for a chicken pot pie.

Lovely dinner at Cucina where we shared a steak and had an excellent cosmopolitan. The feel of the place was perfect, the staff wonderful and the presentation delightful.. all of which makes the food seem to taste good. It’s becoming disappointing to not get excellent food. Dessert was a wonder and dinner good, just not excellent.

‘No One Is Safe’: Extreme Weather Batters the Wealthy World

  • Scorching heat in North America and flooding in Europe drove home that the world is neither able to slow climate change nor prepared to withstand it.
  • The week’s disasters have ravaged some of the world’s richest nations, whose affluence has been enabled by activities that are warming the world.

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