Cheesecake Cheese

A long drive up to Northampton, the home of Smith College. I wanted tot like the town but it was filled with beggars and I just wasn’t expecting that. There were plenty of stores to pop into, many still requiring masks, and we did pop into pick up a few pieces of chocolate at Firetype Chocolate in the Thornes marketplace, a small mall on the Main Street.

Lunch of sushi at Osaka, we ate adequate sushi on the porch, but it was really too hot to enjoy anything.

We then headed on a search for Cheesecake Cheese from Grace Hill Farm. Sold around the area we selected a few markets but because of circumstances , ( circumstances?? I don’t really know) we wound up at Sawyer Farm Store.

They carry a little of this and that, milk, cheese, veggies, local flour and other grains, a freezer of meat and ice cream. A Nd of course a few different CBD oils.

Checkout was on the trust system, you could drop cash or check in a hollowed out log, or pay via credit card.

How can you not love this?

There were a number of small cemeteries.

I spotted a tiny hand painted sign nailed to a tree for mount cemetery and so we had to follow the road.

Which eventually lead us to a road to who knows where. But as we do, follow it we did.

The road was the roughest so far and eventually we crossed the town line and a there was a small improvement. Wonder if anyone ever thought to replace the sign?

not sure what these are?

But they seemed very much at home.

Not totally sure what these are either?

A couple more cemeteries

And the best grocery/ farm market.

The best selection , the nicest looking veg, a pot pie, some fried corn, a good selection of chips and spices. I would be happy to have Taft Farm as my corner store.

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