The best waterfall and an unexpected walk

How many photos can you take of a waterfall?

a lot more than I show here.

It wasn’t that the fall was in and of itself so spectacular, though it was lovely , its was that it was easy to get to, a short walk, a tiny climb with plenty of places to walk into and onto the rocks, and almost empty, so don’t tell anyone that if you just want some easy quiet by the water then go to Umpachene Falls near New Marlboro.

I found these two items and wonder if one of them is what we saw from the road after leaving Umpachene.

Just driving along and though many times I see soemthing by the side of the road I don’t always yell “stop” but today I just had to. We were following a river, or a stream and through the thick trees along the quiet winding road I could see stone walls

one looked like it was lining a road to the stream

We saw some of those holes.

And rather than houses being abandoned, today we saw a tractor that was close to disappearing under the growth.

The waterfalls were so fabulous, and we sat on cool rocks and dangled our feet in cool water, that I almost forgot we went to the Berkshires Hill Sculpture Park. Had it been a cooler or overcast day I might really have enjoyed it, but it was hot and if you are cranky like me and here on a hot day, just look up as you drive past.

I especially loved the house overlooking the fields of sculptures.

And how about a cooking school up in the middle of wherever we were.

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