AnneMarie Sculpture Garden

Charlotte Hall was said to be a nice little farmers market, so…

On the way we stopped at a worthless Amish Market and had great sympathy for the horse.

Now, Annemarie Sculpture Garden has to be one of our favorite places to visit and this visit had an added bonus of being art fair weekend. What a fair. Tons of fabulous artists all around the parking area and within the garden itself.

I was tempted by a few things , but none more than my hat! From Hello Haberdashery.

And meeting Noelani Jones, the weaver!!! was a thrill!!!

and having a magnificent Cookie Brownie from Finer Sweets Bakery was such a yummy and satisfying way to lift up the day.

And we saw this guy plop out a hay bale. who knew thats where those big round bales came from

We had a most disappointing lunch at Ray’s Pier

But did enjoy a lovely view.

The highlight of the day might have been the boardwalk at Battle Creek Cypress Swamp. Well, not better than the garden but certainly better than the other side trips we added to our day.

We arrived at 4, they close at 4:30 and the ranger was about to close the gate when we pulled in. A lovely man, he agreed to let us walk the Boardwalk if we were out in 30 minutes, we were. And oh so happy

A short set of steps took us down into the swamp and we enjoyed perhaps a 15 minute walk.

Once again we skipped the Calvert Cliffs , I will have to look through my notes to see what Mandy Lee‘s is because we didn’t go there either. ( turns out to be an antique store) But it was a great first day of our stay in DC.

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