Wonderful, just fabulous.

The former home of Marjory Merriwether Post the grounds were beautiful. A curving walkway takes you through the property passing by outbuildings that housed the staff, the dog cemetery, the Japanese gardens and greenhouses.

The house itself was worth a look but it was the Gardens that were really the draw. You could take a whole day here. Bring a picnic, sit in a chair, relax upstairs in the large visitors center.

We were taken in by the delightful Barbara and Deborah at guest services who pointed us int he right direction and though the movie was out, we didn’t feel at all cheated. We walked, we wandered, we took photos, we loved it, and we will return.

How I walked out without any photos of the kitchen and pantry is a mystery, because after the dining table and her closet, the kitchen and pantry were the highlight of the house. Filled with metal and glass cabinets, pots hanging above the work area, hugs stoves dn broilers and giant stand mixers. What a place!

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