A summary of our meals this first week in DC

Kaz sushi – Totally worth it.

Dolan – Uyghur cuisine, and totally not a great time. We were seated out on the sidewalk and there was a guy whose preaching and freaking was reverberating off the subway shelter. The food was… well, interesting.

Il Canale – in Georgetown – Famous for their pizza, fine, average, no need to return

Fat Pete’s – we picked up from Fat Pete’s and brought it home – We can barely remember it. The corn bread was bad, The pulled pork might have been good, but we will keep looking for good bbq

Sette Osteria – there are two of them, we went to the one on Connecticut Ave I think. And were not thrilled

On the way to the Phillips Gallery we had lunch at Duck Duck Goose, what a great name, what a pretty little place, what an overcooked Duck Confit, perhaps reheated from the previous night in the microwave, and the steak – tough – no two ways about it . The potatoes were passable and we skipped dessert.

One of the best meals so far was at Guapa in Shirlington. Shirlington is one of those made up town centers that is supposed to look natural but is really a developers creation.

We tried for chocolate at L A Burdick – if you like your chocolate with orange and raspberry then this is your place. I f you like an over the top chocolatey chocolate chip cookie then this might be your place too.

Sushiko – well, we were tired and hangry and it was late and after trying to place an order to go for 20 minutes we arrived at sushiko and went in for dinner. You can order sushi by the piece, or sashimi by the 6 piece. interesting, tasty, but not worth going out of our way. find another place if this isn’t just the most convenient.

Just something fun we saw

And had a really good burger on our day in Richmond at Hogshead Cafe

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