I like to eat out.  But I would not consider myself a foodie.  I like straight forward food and a clear menu.

I like salt, and asian and pasta and meat and potatoes and chocolate desserts.

Im a regular eater and i love a good burger.

I rarely venture to the beach but i do eat in the gables, the grove, downtown and Doral. and Broward…

I eat expensive and cheap.

I do hope if you have made it this far that you will find some of my experiences helpful.

I keep this list mainly for myself but as friends ask where they should go i have begun sharing

I started the list about 2 years ago, i have tried different ways to keep it, Facebook, Tumblr, apps.. and just think this is the best way.

Not only do I eat out with family and friends like the rest of the world, but I have been going to dinner every wednesday night for about 8 years.  We make maybe 40 weeks a year and we never repeat a place.  Over 5-8 years thats a whole lot of places. So a few years ago I decided I should keep track of where we have been .  In the past month ( april 2017) i learned how to build this website and expanded my ideas of what it should be.

It seems a bit egotistic to think I have so much to share.. but I do a movie or two most weeks, 2-5 books a month and periodically someone says ” thats a great thought, you should share it”.  I go to NY  a few times a year for dance, theatre and explore bakeries and second hand shops.

My mom was a great cook and I enjoy cooking everyday foods and trying to perfect a recipe. As time passes who knows where this will lead.. its so exciting. So occasionally a new recipe will appear.

Happy Exploring and Bon Apetit!