Frelinghuysen Morris House & Studio

Behind the back of Tanglewood is the Frelinghuysen Morris House & Studio, we saw an ad to visit in our Tanglewood program last week and thought we should give it a try. “Visit the home of American Abstract Artists George L.K. Morris and Suzy Frelinghuysen, set on a 46-acre estate in the heart of Lenox, […]

The best waterfall and an unexpected walk

How many photos can you take of a waterfall? a lot more than I show here. It wasn’t that the fall was in and of itself so spectacular, though it was lovely , its was that it was easy to get to, a short walk, a tiny climb with plenty of places to walk into […]

A couple of easy days

Its been hot, a bit rainy, and we have been going for weeks so it was time for a slow day or two. Of course, for me, tat included some shopping in both downtown Lenox, at Glad rags for a couple of light sweaters and a new purse in Great Barrington at Karen Allen Fiber […]

Party? in the Berkshires

On a few of our drives I have noticed a small sign “party” and wondered what it was, wonder if it was this. The Hottest Party Is at … the Farm With a summer schedule packed with dinners, concerts and dances, these community-minded farms are as social as any country club. By Bob Morris Published Aug. 18, […]

Cheesecake Cheese

A long drive up to Northampton, the home of Smith College. I wanted tot like the town but it was filled with beggars and I just wasn’t expecting that. There were plenty of stores to pop into, many still requiring masks, and we did pop into pick up a few pieces of chocolate at Firetype […]

Churchtown Dairy

A short day out. We returned to Green Acres Farm for a few loaves of bread and had a MAGNIFICENT blueberry muffin. This is definitely my favorite baker in the area. Then to take a look at the offerings at the eye-catching church town dairy. I was very happy here, I can’t remember what we […]

Topsmead, Butler sculpture

It was about an hours drive down to Topsmead via the Butler Sculpture Park and on the way we stopped into Dennis Hill, a Connecticut state park, we got out in Norfolk where the town centers on an open public square with a view. We saw some interesting walls, small cemeteries and farming. Although Butler […]


Little Pond Boardwalk Trail, Whites Wood Rd, Litchfield, CT 06759. LOOP a part of the White Memorial Conservation Center, 80 Whitehall Rd, Litchfield, CT 06759 – “The Boardwalk” is an elevated 1.2 mile wooden walkway in White Memorial Conservation Center closes at 5, BUT THERE IS NO CLOSING ON THE BOARDWALK, THERE IS ALSO NO LIGHT […]

Kelsey’s Ballerinas & Thorncrest Chocolates

We got a late start and are first two stops have to compete for the headline. At Thorncrest Farm in Goshen they raise their own to cows to make their own chocolate and at Kelsey’s, well, the artist is right there so excited for a visitor, according to her she gets one or two a […]

Shelburne Falls !!!!!!!!!

There is no shortage of small and smaller farm stands to stop at as you drive the country roads. Corn is popular now as are pick your own blueberries.   Bartlett in Richmond has a bit of everything.  15 different varieties of tomato, a collection of rubs and sauces. All sorts of maple products including […]