Red Peony Chinese

Another Chinese delivery from Grubhub Pork Steamed Soup Buns.$9.95, Dry Sauteed String Beans $18.95, Mai Fun Beef, Crispy Pork Chops with Peppery Salt Red Peony (Formerly Joe’s Shanghai) – how could I not try it… Well, if I had known how expensive and not good it was I could have resisted. The soup dumplings were […]

A Woman Of The World

At 59e59, a great little theatre I just discovered. A 45 dollar ticket to a theatre that seats 40 people perhaps. Today I was in theater C, one of three theaters in the building. I saw Kathleen Chalfant in Rebecca Gilman’s A Woman of the World. A one woman show. If I told you it […]

LOVE IN HATE NATION at Works & Process

Last year at Works & Process we previewed Be More Chill , by Joe Iconis. Tonight he was back with a preview of his new production Love in Hate Nation that will be at the Two Rivers Theatre this coming November. It was so fun having Tess with me and we are excited to be […]

Grand Sichuan Eastern Chinese Restaurant

It had to be take out today as it is really cold out and I ma feeling really lazy. I had wanted to order from Sri Dim Szechuan but they don’t deliver to my building so I thought to try someplace new So, this is what I ordered  Pork Soup Dumpling $8.95  Fried Pork Dumpling $7.95  Lo […]


As I am in a must have Chinese food week I headed out today towards Aldgate , my newest favorite place to go. Also I needed to go to the bank so dumplings at Xi’an BIANG BIANG seemed right. The place was full, it’s big open windows looked clean so in I went. Though I […]

Houston Ballet at City Center

wow. Choreography by Mark Harris, The Letter V was a wildly fun high energy girls spinning on point never take a breathe ballet. The energy of Hayden’s Symphony 88 in G major was transferred to every step as the 8 green and black gingham clad dancers contrasted with the 8 spinning tossing neon green and […]

Notes On My Mothers Decline

At the small theatre next to NYTW we saw another amazing production. The theatre was tiny with perhaps 50 seats on either side facing each other with the stage in between. The play, written by Andy Bragan and featuring Ari Fliakos as the son, and Caroline Lagerfelt as his aging mother did not disappoint.

Our Day at The Jewish Museum & Table de H’ote

I love my daughter. She has hit her stride. She is the interested and interesting person I hoped she would be. After reviewing our options we headed up via the number 6 train to 86th Street and wandered slowly, arm in arm, to visit the Jewish Museum. She wanted to go to a museum and […]

Back in NY and did I ever wander

I am so happy to be back in NY. In the past couple of weeks I have eaten and shopped, walked and watched, stayed in, ordered in, seen the Ballet, gone to the Opera, visited museums and my daughter came to visit. But today stood out because I just explored, I was in the moment, […]

Vacation plan!!!!

Or a plan for the rest of my life? How about traveling to all the great places where they move your boat? A tilted lift? Or a boat in a wheel? Or over a Big Chute?