Greensboro, NC – Furniture Shopping

Came to North Carolina to buy furniture in High Point. The big stores aren’t open on sunday so we took a drive up to Elkin, once we arrived we saw that we had been there before, still, we had lunch and it was great. We sat outside on a small patio at Southern on Main. […]

Paris morning bakery & mainland China

Great brownie filled with walnuts. A milk bread and a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie. Brad god a cream cheese puff Wings, soup dumplings, pan fried dumplings Sweet shop in apartment 401? Yes, truly ,see…


Places we did and did not go As always, there was a big plan for the day, but our goal was the boardwalk at Patuxent River Park. There was some confusion about whether this was Jackson landing and I think it turns out that that is on the other side of the water. When we […]

A summary of our meals this first week in DC

Kaz sushi – Totally worth it. Dolan – Uyghur cuisine, and totally not a great time. We were seated out on the sidewalk and there was a guy whose preaching and freaking was reverberating off the subway shelter. The food was… well, interesting. Il Canale – in Georgetown – Famous for their pizza, fine, average, […]


Wonderful, just fabulous. The former home of Marjory Merriwether Post the grounds were beautiful. A curving walkway takes you through the property passing by outbuildings that housed the staff, the dog cemetery, the Japanese gardens and greenhouses. The house itself was worth a look but it was the Gardens that were really the draw. You […]

AnneMarie Sculpture Garden

Charlotte Hall was said to be a nice little farmers market, so… On the way we stopped at a worthless Amish Market and had great sympathy for the horse. Now, Annemarie Sculpture Garden has to be one of our favorite places to visit and this visit had an added bonus of being art fair weekend. […]

Frelinghuysen Morris House & Studio

Behind the back of Tanglewood is the Frelinghuysen Morris House & Studio, we saw an ad to visit in our Tanglewood program last week and thought we should give it a try. “Visit the home of American Abstract Artists George L.K. Morris and Suzy Frelinghuysen, set on a 46-acre estate in the heart of Lenox, […]

The best waterfall and an unexpected walk

How many photos can you take of a waterfall? a lot more than I show here. It wasn’t that the fall was in and of itself so spectacular, though it was lovely , its was that it was easy to get to, a short walk, a tiny climb with plenty of places to walk into […]

A couple of easy days

Its been hot, a bit rainy, and we have been going for weeks so it was time for a slow day or two. Of course, for me, tat included some shopping in both downtown Lenox, at Glad rags for a couple of light sweaters and a new purse in Great Barrington at Karen Allen Fiber […]

Party? in the Berkshires

On a few of our drives I have noticed a small sign “party” and wondered what it was, wonder if it was this. The Hottest Party Is at … the Farm With a summer schedule packed with dinners, concerts and dances, these community-minded farms are as social as any country club. By Bob Morris Published Aug. 18, […]