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Slave Play at NYTW

Loved it, new, different, unexpected.  At first I hated it and wanted to leave but i had no place to be and everything else at the New York Theatre Workshop has been great so I stayed.  So very glad I did.  This is from Time Out.  If I […]

MoMA #ArtSpeaks

It has appeared on my calendar the last Tuesday of the month for a year I’ll bet. And today I finally made it.  MoMA #ArtSpeaks Today 12-3. Reflecting on the first presentation which lasted 7 minutes, I think this is where you will find me on those last […]

Austin day 6. Thanksgiving

We had a reservation at the Hyatt on the river. It was a disaster. I complained. It was free. What a lovely brunch.  Kudos go out to Meagan at the Hyatt for really understanding. We walked from the condo over the bridge and along the greenway path to […]

AUSTIN – Day 5

We started the day off on time today at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden.  Umlauf was a UT professor and prolific sculptor, he and his wife lived next door to a dump that eventually was turned into this fabulous garden.   Even if you dont love his sculpture it […]