I started looking around as I walked Brick Lane this afternoon and I noticed so many things that people just seem to have stuck to the walls so I started taking pictures. This is what I saw.

Greenwich and Borough Market

The perfect tourist day began with a trip on the overground. My gps instructed me to go as far as New Cross Gate and once there to catch a bus. Well, as you know without being told, I walked out in the wrong direction. Once I figured this out I had also decided to check […]

L’ETO and It isn’t like America

What a window display. And beautiful inside too. Today is part of my lunching alone challenge. How will I be able to find a great place for lunch if I don’t jump in. Price be damned, alone be damned, not understanding the menu be damned. Today it’s a 20 dollar sandwich at L’ETO surrounded by […]

Lecture Theatre at The V & A

It seems I am here at The Victoria and Albert Museum every day. It’s just that there is so much going on and I became a member so even more information is coming my way. Today I arrived at the members reception desk and was directed across an indoor statue court up the stairs through […]

Cake, Columbia Road and Chinese

Up and Out early on this drizzling Sunday morning to get some big flowers for my new vase. Wound up with Lilys… which should open on Wednesday. It was packed and I dont know enough to tell one good bloom from another so I think I have decided that from now on, I buy from […]

V&A for Munch Lecture

It was a strange experience this morning going down to the V&A for a 10 am lecture. I was early and walked a bit I was in Bloomsbury, who knew? and found a lovely little block called Lamb’s Conduit where there was a branch of a cheese shop I want to try called La Fromagerie, […]

Lunch and a haircut, Olive Oil and Eggs,

Heading out this morning with no certain destination my basic goals were to buy some Olive oIl and Eggs and see what Columbia Road looks like when the Sunday Flower Market isn’t going on. First to the Brick Lane Post Office which is a tiny desk in a trinket shop then across the main road […]


I cannot believe it was this morning that we went to get flowers at the Columbia Road Flower Market. It has been a huge exhausting day 18,867 steps, at least 4 bake shops/sweet shops, a deli or two or more and 5 or six amazing private gardens. The walk to Columbia Road was about ten […]

Walking Again

After spending the morning inside watching the rain I remembered I am a Londoner now and I grabbed my umbrella and my raincoat and I trotted off to a far off grocer on a new route hoping to find a pair of boots. I didn’t find the boots but I did find a really good […]

Gail’s at South Ken Station

Yummy cookie and a wide selection of lunch items and baked goods. Gail’s showed up on a number of lists and google searches for the best bakery, cookie, brownie and so when I saw the sign outside the station and was starving at 3 pm having not had lunch I had to go in. I […]