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Hurricane Diane at NYTW

NYTW has yet to disappoint. Hurricane Diane was brilliant. Set in the identical Kitchens of the three main characters I was at home and familiar with the scene. And blown away by the story. Diane, a play on the god of nature arrives at the cul de sac […]

La Bergamote

I have a new policy that I want to make a reservation for dinner, no matter where, ahead of time so that on the day of I am not searching for a place to go at the last minute. So I booked us into La Bergamote before a […]


An overwhelming documentary about the British fighting in WWI. The filmmaker voiced over original film from the Imperial War Museum archives What a great job. At times I felt I was there, or was heartbroken that these little boys where there. For old men’s insecurities and irrational fears. […]