In the Neighborhood Today

I think I really love where we have chosen to stay in London. Today I am waiting for a delivery, and after receiving an email from the delivery service I checked in online and saw there were 83 deliveries before me. Isn’t that clever. So, if I want to run out to see something or […]

Byron Burgers

Yes! just downstairs and a winner. Good burger, good BBQ sauce, ok fries and what should prove to be a fabulous dessert!

Dior and Mary Quant

I made it, took the overground, 9958 steps, and a visit to the members room. Yes, the overground, just one stop to Whitechapel then on to Sloane Square where I wanted to pop in and see what a Muji store was and if they had a colander for me. Lovely store, no colander. But a […]

not all from Strictly Dumpling on youtube

. Café China9.213 E 37th St (btwn 5th Ave & Madison Ave), New York, NYChinese Restaurant · Garment District · Di T: Must get the pork dumpling in chili oil. So delish!! Mu Ramen .. pork, LIC… or duck this post is the reason i dont wan too try to monetize the site… its a sloppy list of […]

Poppies fish and chips

Well, I would say tasteless describes Poppies. This was our first bring in dinner and it was disappointing. After much salting it gained some appeal but is now off the list of places to grab a bite. Luckily I think there are two other places for Fish & Chips within a short walk. Gotta love […]

Sunday Market on our doorstep

With food and clothes and cupcakes and bread and any sort of junk you an imagine… First order of the day – Lunch We had some unusual and very special “pig raised on a farm where they are blah blah blah” with magnificent roasted potatoes topped with a duck egg. We brought home pork for […]

To Victoria and Albert? A misadventure of epic proportions

Ah, after starting the day with a good stretch and some spying on my neighbors it was nearly 11 when I got out of the house. Another bus day, another attempt to get to the Dior exhibit at The Victoria and Albert Museum. Of course I wanted to travel by bus, I really enjoy the […]

Saturday- Soho

Ah, today is chinese food market day down on Brick Lane. We had spotted a Bar place and sought it out for lunch… skin too think. So we picked up a couple of dumplings and not so thrilled there either… BUT.. i will go back because I like Chinese and there were a dozen different […]

Savoir Fare

Dinner, downstairs, near a couple of chinese places and on the #8 bus line. It was actually a lovely place and tho the caesar salad wasn’t, and the duck was too sweet, the lamb was excellent and the scallops were good. The mousse was interesting – very thin, but very tasty. Not a place I […]