Out and About London

Today marks a week since I left New York and I can safely say I am settling. The flat ( I am a Londoner now) is small but comfortable. I have spent the better part of the week struggling with my inner self about materialism, minimalism, needs, wants and giving any more money to Jeff […]


A nice little French place a round the corner with a purple( or green) door. We sat at the window watching the people pass. We ordered the two specials which were fine but not good enough to go back for. I didn’t like the broccoli and I just noticed the note at the bottom of […]


for lunch, pretty bad. Its some sort of chain where they adore coconut milk and, well, I am glad I tried it but I won’t be back. Well, I might be back to pick up a bag of these.. Peking Duck flavored Prawn Crackers. Its too much

Jack’s Diner

Right in the neighborhood. They had four things on the menu, we tried wings, sweet potato fries and a burger. Nothing horrid, nothing worth going back for.

Honest Burgers

A decent burger within walking distance. The chips were very good. They flavor them with rosemary salt… interesting.

Go Noodle Nine Moon

very good boneless spareribs, perfectly fine fried pork dumpling. so much chinese take out as I get ready to leave town.

NYCB Rehearsal

Tarantella.. Seems like it will be wonderful, we saw just a tiny excerpt then onto a real working rehearsal for Dances at a Gathering which i saw the other night, how much more wonderful with costumes and lighting, still, i do enjoy the experience of a rehearsal.