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Before attending Wild Goose Dreams at The Public Theatre- very conveniently located. Couldn’t mix the meat and cheese on the meat or cheese plates Salmon slightly overdone Everyone gracious Bathrooms adorable Lovely place Molten lava cake for dessert.

ALVIN AILEY @ Works & Process

Surprisingly I really enjoyed the dance, and the evening.  Susan Falls-Hill was a great interviewer and appeared to be enjoying herself while she interviewed Judith Jameson, Robert Battle and Rennie Harris.  Judith ran Alvin Ailey before she handed it off to Robert Battle.  And rennie Harris was my seat […]


Not so good. On 86 east of Madison and with very high hopes. Charming with a small menu- you would think it would all be terrific- but no The Caesar Salad was awash in vinegar , including the anchovies. The duck had a hint of a nice flavor […]

sous vide steak

we bought a heat gun, to brown our sous vide steak.  And we brought it to 110 degrees rather than the recommended 135 and it was perfect.  Many years ago when I was looking for the trick to make a great steak I stumbled onto America’s Test Kitchen. […]