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La Traviata

We heard the double Aria.  Thats right, we had taken our class at the Opera Guild on La Traviata.  Though 97% was way above me I did remember that I would hear a double Aria and I did.  I also noticed in the second act how Verdi gave […]

Met Members preview

When I think about my life sometimes I can’t believe how fortunate I am.  I tend to explain it by saying I had a pretty miserable childhood followed by an even worse marriage so I deserve all the good that I have now.  Especially because i remain happy, […]

Slave Play at NYTW

Loved it, new, different, unexpected.  At first I hated it and wanted to leave but i had no place to be and everything else at the New York Theatre Workshop has been great so I stayed.  So very glad I did.  This is from Time Out.  If I […]