Category: Bake Shoppes

Milano Market

Yes, I love a good Italian market with plenty of cakes, prepared foods, salamis…. heaven.  Milano is heaven.  A quick bus ride up to 89th Street, cross over to 3rd and you too can be in heaven.   The cheesecake- excellent The steak and onions- a lovely kick […]

East Village for Dinner

Early in the planning stage for my day, while checking out OCD chocolate, the east village library branches and squish marshmallow I started looking around for dinner spots.  Being a fan of the mac and cheese, and Brad a fan of the cheese plate , I was drawn […]


Squish Marshmallow, oh my.  This evening got a bit confused.  We were to dine on serendipity ice cream, then the discussion turned to what was for dinner after… perhaps Peter Llugar.  But that got set aside when there and every other steak house in town was fullup.  So.. […]


Found on my excursion to pick up a book at the 67 street library i couldn’t help but walk into the Padoca Bakery on the corner of 68th and 2nd.  I wasn’t so happy with the bobka today but do remember enjoying the brownie.  

mini cupcakes

At Two Little Red Hens…I actually waited in line for these.  They were good, really good.  Tall rather than wide I would have to be honest, shape matters and in the end I prefer Baked by Melissa.  I would probably give Melissa the win on taste also.  But, […]

City Cakes

City Cakes – It’s not really cakes. Its cupcakes and cookies and all tempting things!!!   This 4′ X 6′ , practically underground bake shop at 251 west 18th Street (Btw 7th & 8th Ave) caught my eye as I was walking to the Joyce to see The […]