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Out and About London

Today marks a week since I left New York and I can safely say I am settling. The flat ( I am a Londoner now) is small but comfortable. I have spent the better part of the week struggling with my inner self about materialism, minimalism, needs, wants […]

Guang Fu Inc.

What a day. On the continuing mission to try all the soup dumplings in New York City and beyond I headed out to 8th Avenue in Brooklyn. Well, thats where I thought I was headed to when I got on the subway to Queens. Well, I arrived at […]

Take Out/ Grubhub

As I get ready to leave the city I want to note for myself the order to make when I arrive back. First night i do like to order in chinese so the China 59 makes very good string beans I think and excellent boneless ribs. And About Kung […]


Back to where it all started, sort of. After trying soup dumplings all over we decided to come back to joes for our final meal in the city We didn’t make it to Chinatown so are at the 56th street location. Arriving at 11:45 there was no wait […]

Dumplings, DKA, The Morgan and more

HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR DAY IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER: These were amazing pork and chive dumplings form a chinese place at 118 Eldridge. Small, dirty, limited menu… delicious! Nari Ward: we the people at the New Museum It’s hard to tell but these are dresses. There were also head […]

Jersey City and Soup Dumplings

Selling the car has brought us to a few places we might never have seen Earlier today we tried for xiao long bao in Brooklyn at Fei Food Market on 8th Avenue between 63/64. No parking but a reverse Citimapper search showed its 45 minutes on the N […]

A Day in DC, yes, Xiao Long Bao

We stayed in Rockville, near he Glenstone. We were only coming in for the night but found ourselves with an extra day so came down Friday and had today, Saturday, to see what’s what around here. Breakfast (lunch) was at Bob’s Shanghai 66. We ordered both chicken and […]

Soup Dumplings- again

waiting for 45 minutes so far outside the Shang Hai Dumpling in Edison NJ on our way to DC and the Glenstone Museum On the way we plan a stop in Doylestown for the Mercer Museum. We have no thoughts on dinner or how to spend the day […]


Perhaps we have hit the most authentic or at least designed for locals soup dumpling shop Located in a tiny rustic storefront in flushing we are the only diners at 3 pm on a Thursday afternoon. The menu is a challenge. The young waitress has a complete command […]