National Arts Club

While researching a bit about Grameercy Park I happened upon the National Arts Club.  A private club located at 15 Gramercy Park South whose members have access to a park key.  But, they are also open to the public during the week and one can visit to see […]

New York Marble Cemetery

I asked myself the same thing this morning when the name New York Marble Cemetery appeared on the map we were going to use today.  A trip down to the Village for lunch, a show at NYTW, a trip to DiPalo’s for snacks and home.  Sadly I didn’t […]

Dance Tracks – NYCB

Tonight after Cassis for dinner ( a place i think I really like) we headed to the rooftop of the Hotel Empire for an evening of music presented by NYCB.  We heard a few short pieces that will accompany the dancers on stage this season.  Brought by two […]


Apparently that’s where I am. I read some review in the Times and had the free tone so I thought “go see something they recommend ‘ so Symphonie Fantastique is it A small theatre, inside pretty makeshift, seat E15 on the aisle in case I need to make […]