A walk in my neighborhood

A cool spring day, not really but close. The freezing temperatures have risen enough to make a leisurely stroll once again a pleasure. Honestly, I was reluctant to leave the house but oh sao glad i did. We walked down to the river- peeking into the grand houses […]

Loving Vincent, Ballet, New friends

  Another great day.  I do just keep putting one foot in front of the other, I can’t help but  stay cheerful – wandering is wonderful,  I smile at strangers… and something happens… beshert!  I meet Steve and Sally.  What fun…more on that later… for now, my day. […]

NYCB Orchestra Rehearsal

I will say it again.  Becoming a member of the new York City Ballet is the best deal in town.  Along with Four ballet rehearsals you can also enjoy an orchestra rehearsal.  Seated in the fronts orchestra we were treated to talk about the music by a lovely […]


It took some time to digest what I was seeing.  Huge sculptures scattered throughout a hilly pastural landscape.  Why?  what was this all about.  But as we walked and looked and sat and talked it started to come clear.  This was for pleasure.  Someone was indulging their own […]