Apparently that’s where I am. I read some review in the Times and had the free tone so I thought “go see something they recommend ‘ so Symphonie Fantastique is it A small theatre, inside pretty makeshift, seat E15 on the aisle in case I need to make […]

Apple Store Classes

I knew that Apple was great, and I am currently coveting a big 15″ MacBook pro, but the thing that is wowing me is that they offer all these wonderful classes.  I accidentally sat in on “iPhone for beginners” the other day and learned a ton.  I started […]

Too much to do

There is a never ending list of great things to do and see  these are my favorites from TimeOut.  Ill try to see them all…. Dorothy Iannone, “I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door” Iannone, an American ex-pat artist who lives in Berlin pays homage to the […]

Sing For Hope Pianos

As if there isnt enough to do now I am off to locate fifty pianos and one mini cooper over the next 20 or so days. Sing For Hope places Pianos around the city for people to enjoy then donates them to schools.  There must be more to […]

How Many Will I See?

I saw this article this morning, printed it out and started making my plans. I think I will add a photo every time I see one.. I have seen the wind at the entrance to Central Park… today I may go see a dog holding a taxi… or […]

Grolier Club

What is this you might ask… I’m about to find out… I’m with my dad and after an hour looking for the wrong name we finally narrowed down the google search to groups interested in collecting books and book binding. Off we go! Ahhhh. It’s not for everyone, […]

ABT Studio Rehearsal

One of my favorite things is Ballet.  Dance I like but its too general a description.  I like the flow, and the beauty of traditional ballet.  Since moving to NY my thrill is ABT, American Ballet Theatre, and as a Patron I received an invitation to visit the […]

Tao Downtown

We went to see Ballet Hispanica at The Joyce last night and they were good, not the great I had remembered.  But beforehand we had dinner at 92 9th Avenue at a wow sort of place called Tao Downtown. No words could describe the room and no  image […]