Dashed into The Frick

I just love this house and the museum is so manageable if you want a half an hour of lovely, come in and look around. Today there are two different exhibitions I popped into one, Eduard de Wall was not so interesting on first view. But the Frick does a fabulous job by providing a […]

Paris – day 3 Van Gogh and a walk on the old railroad track

Today was an off the beaten path day. Weeks ago I had found a blurb about Atelier des Lumieres. It was the most unusual experience. We saw the Van Gogh experience today and I can barely describe it. Let me start with a warning, There are 11 chairs and 220 people. The best view is […]

Paris – Day 2 – CAR FREE

A pillow, I needed a pillow, so we got to go shopping —- into a nearby department store we went. Le BHV- it was easy to find soemone who wanted to practice English and we walked out with a few hand towels and ( as I write this the next day – a fabulous pillow […]

Leonardo at The Queens Gallery – The Royal Trust Collection

I had signed up for a talk given by the curator of paper at Windsor Palace where it seems much of the Royal collection can be found. The talk was really spectacular. She brought props and we touched paper and saw how inks were made. She spoke about the challenges of conservation and , well, […]

Sculptures In the City

Back in June when I first was wandering I caught a glimpse out the bus window, down a side street near Liverpool Street Station and there was this weird house sitting atop what looked like a footbridge across the street. I went back on foot a few days later and snapped a photo or two […]

Frieze Art Sculptures at Regents Park

So many things catch my eye when I am walking or googling or reading a blog about what to do in London. My new system is just to enter it all into a day in my calendar and review as they pop up. I have had a bit of a system, red means I paid […]


Yesterday I noticed two large red cranes on Brick Lane, I didn’t give them much thought and went on with my day. At the end of the day as I sat looking out my window I noticed something funny clinging to the smokestack. AS the sun went down, the lights came up. We then went […]

Yoyoi Kusama

The other night we watched an amazing program on the tv about artist Yoyoi Kusama. I will always remember the story and some of her artwork, but I won’t remember her name. I make note of it here because she happens to be having a show in NY at the David Zwirner Gallery in November […]