Goldman Gallery & Grolier Club

Such a lovely day and back in NYC. After a morning of errands I found myself looking up at the Hermes store. At first I didn’t know what it was, I just knew that I wished I could get to the top. So, I followed a stream of people inside and wow. Really beautiful. With […]

Paris – day 3 Van Gogh and a walk on the old railroad track

Today was an off the beaten path day. Weeks ago I had found a blurb about Atelier des Lumieres. It was the most unusual experience. We saw the Van Gogh experience today and I can barely describe it. Let me start with a warning, There are 11 chairs and 220 people. The best view is […]

PARIS – Day 1. White Nights

We arrived on the Eurostar in no time at all from London and were settled into our dorm room of an airbnb by 1 pm. Great location but really, a five star at an Airbnb is now meaningless to me. Remember- bring soap, hand towels, dishtowels, a few trash bags and a good attitude because […]

Leonardo at The Queens Gallery – The Royal Trust Collection

I had signed up for a talk given by the curator of paper at Windsor Palace where it seems much of the Royal collection can be found. The talk was really spectacular. She brought props and we touched paper and saw how inks were made. She spoke about the challenges of conservation and , well, […]

EFES Turkish Restaurant & the Whitechapel Gallery

At the end of Brick Lane, or the beginning, we chose dinner at Efes because it is close to Whitechapel Gallery where we are headed for an art talk. ┬áThe dinner was passable, the evening – well – glad I did it…. glad it is over. How did it all start? Surprise, again, a google […]