Loved Solothurn, not so much Fribourg

I had intended all along to get to Solothurn, a town that they say is obsessed wiht the number 11. 11 churches, 11 this, and even an 11 hour clock. But today I was headed to Fribourg…I had to see the Marionette Museum. But soemwhere along the way, perhaps as the train was pulling into […]

Bern and Zurich

Day three. SUNDAY.   Heading out to the Paul Klee Museum in Bern we had little luck finding an open restaurant through our google search so with nuts and jerky in my pack we boarded the train.    The ride isn’t as beautiful as through the alps but it is interesting and has its moments. Today I […]


What a day. Perhaps it’s been too long since I planned a day because not only did I forget to check the weather when I headed towards Basel today, but I forgot to check whether the 3 museums I was heading to were open. Spoiler alert – it rained and the museums are closed on […]

Met Breuer – 2 collections

On my way I saw this And I wondered who put that there and why. Then lunch and onto the met Breuer and I ask myself who thought this was art, and why? The first exhibit was one I was looking forward to. The write up seemed to indicate that they were pairing recent acquisitions […]


Belmonte was home to a group of crypto Jews, some of whom still reside there today. There are a number of other museums and a castle and for 10 Euro you can see them all. Our day started with the long drive from Coimbra eastward. We passed through mountains and valleys mainly staying on the […]

Museum of Glass

We had a big day and a lovely drive to the Museum of Glass. The museum was made up of three separate buildings. The first held a temporary exhibit of Christmas glass on the main floor and a permanent display of older glass upstairs. Entrance fee was 1.50 Euro so an absolute bargain for all […]

Pierre Bonnard

Today I am off to the metropolitan museum to see a few paintings by Pierre Bonnard. This all came about as I started planning my trip to London next week. I searched around on the website for anything happening and stumbled on this that will be leaving The Tate before I return in May […]

Museum Day

It was cold, but not brutal so we walked across the park to the New York Historical Society, then back across to the Met. Lots of interesting tidbits. At the Historical Society we saw a short film ‘We Rise’ narrated by Meryl Streep about the role and advancement of woman over the last 100 years. […]

Rubin Museum

Art and Acts of Resistance at the Rubin Museum. A fabulous place. I enjoyed it so much more today than I did on my first visit last year. I found the entire place inspiring, relaxing, soothing and hopeful during this week of impeachment hearings and mass shootings. After purchasing your ticket and checking your coat […]