Museum Day

It was cold, but not brutal so we walked across the park to the New York Historical Society, then back across to the Met. Lots of interesting tidbits. At the Historical Society we saw a short film ‘We Rise’ narrated by Meryl Streep about the role and advancement of woman over the last 100 years. […]

Rubin Museum

Art and Acts of Resistance at the Rubin Museum. A fabulous place. I enjoyed it so much more today than I did on my first visit last year. I found the entire place inspiring, relaxing, soothing and hopeful during this week of impeachment hearings and mass shootings. After purchasing your ticket and checking your coat […]

No Rain on Hampstead Heath, no sheep either.

A visit to Hampstead Heath is on the agenda and a google search brought me to this blog. With its many entries on Hampstead a good reading left me knowing this is a place to return to. SO as we head out for the day my expectations are high though my need to cover lots […]

Dashed into The Frick

I just love this house and the museum is so manageable if you want a half an hour of lovely, come in and look around. Today there are two different exhibitions I popped into one, Eduard de Wall was not so interesting on first view. But the Frick does a fabulous job by providing a […]

Our Day at The Jewish Museum & Table de H’ote

I love my daughter. She has hit her stride. She is the interested and interesting person I hoped she would be. After reviewing our options we headed up via the number 6 train to 86th Street and wandered slowly, arm in arm, to visit the Jewish Museum. She wanted to go to a museum and […]

Back in NY and did I ever wander

I am so happy to be back in NY. In the past couple of weeks I have eaten and shopped, walked and watched, stayed in, ordered in, seen the Ballet, gone to the Opera, visited museums and my daughter came to visit. But today stood out because I just explored, I was in the moment, […]

Paris – day 3 Van Gogh and a walk on the old railroad track

Today was an off the beaten path day. Weeks ago I had found a blurb about Atelier des Lumieres. It was the most unusual experience. We saw the Van Gogh experience today and I can barely describe it. Let me start with a warning, There are 11 chairs and 220 people. The best view is […]