Greenwich and Borough Market

The perfect tourist day began with a trip on the overground. My gps instructed me to go as far as New Cross Gate and once there to catch a bus. Well, as you know without being told, I walked out in the wrong direction. Once I figured this out I had also decided to check […]

Walking Again

After spending the morning inside watching the rain I remembered I am a Londoner now and I grabbed my umbrella and my raincoat and I trotted off to a far off grocer on a new route hoping to find a pair of boots. I didn’t find the boots but I did find a really good […]

In the Neighborhood Today

I think I really love where we have chosen to stay in London. Today I am waiting for a delivery, and after receiving an email from the delivery service I checked in online and saw there were 83 deliveries before me. Isn’t that clever. So, if I want to run out to see something or […]

Guang Fu Inc.

What a day. On the continuing mission to try all the soup dumplings in New York City and beyond I headed out to 8th Avenue in Brooklyn. Well, thats where I thought I was headed to when I got on the subway to Queens. Well, I arrived at Queens Plaza and eventually got off when […]


After dance yesterday I knew I needed to stay out as the day was gorgeous but I had no errands to run and no desire to fulfill.  That leaves bakeries as I am not one to sit in the park for any length of time just soaking it all up.  Sweet Corner is the new […]

The Sister’s Brothers

And Hudson Market bear the Landmark on 57th. Another MoviePass. Adventure The market looks great. A few food bars, a few made to order counters, and fresh looking veggies.

A trip to Queens for Pianos

  we are going after pianos in a big way today   this is the plan for the day Quaint just seemed like a perfect place to stop for lunch. Its really a Piano hunt but since we are out in Queens we figured let’s check out the Naguchi Museum and Socrates Sculpture Park and […]

Graces Market

I hadn’t been in for years when we walked past yesterday and thought to go in just to grab some lettuce for dinner. Of course, since its a market and there were few other customers I took the opportunity to shop a bit. Stopping at the bakery counter I picked up a brownie cake thing […]


NO idea the name of the shop but we had a lovely piece of duck and an interesting piece of brownie cheesecake. located on lex near 82nd we stopped in while looking for Lorenzo and marias a few blocks away.