St. Albans!!! The Pudding Stop & all the restaurants

So many things about the UK are different and so many words we assume we know that we don’t. Last week I learned that curry is the generic term to describe all Indian food, uh, no. It was while we were having dinner at the Taste of Raj in Southgate that I finally figured it […]

Kew Gardens at Christmas time & Petite Coree

I have meant to go to Kew a few times this past year when the weather has been right knowing it would be a big walk around and I was right. We lucked out that the night we got there the air was cold but not freezing, the weather was dry and there was no […]

No Rain on Hampstead Heath, no sheep either.

A visit to Hampstead Heath is on the agenda and a google search brought me to this blog. With its many entries on Hampstead a good reading left me knowing this is a place to return to. SO as we head out for the day my expectations are high though my need to cover lots […]

Gordon Ramsey Should be Ashamed

Not that our meal isn’t edible and that y pasta wasn’t actually good but the prices were very high considering that the feel of the place was beachside teenage unkept. The bathroom was the worst I have seen in 5 months in London and the service left plenty to be desired. The caesar salad was […]

Aldgate and Proscuitto

A quick walk from Brick Lane we headed to Bellavita Italian Deli for some Prosciutto etc. It was a slow cool walk and I had no expectation to see anything great but I think I really liked the neighborhood as a place to live. There is a Curzon Cinema, a number of promising looking restaurants, […]

Leonardo at The Queens Gallery – The Royal Trust Collection

I had signed up for a talk given by the curator of paper at Windsor Palace where it seems much of the Royal collection can be found. The talk was really spectacular. She brought props and we touched paper and saw how inks were made. She spoke about the challenges of conservation and , well, […]

Eat Tokyo – Holborn

I found good sushi, really good I think. Though I think Eat Sushi is a chain I didn’t get the chain feel. The chef was clearly in charge, he had his picture in the menu and in deference I ordered the two specials of the day. I sat at the bar, stuck in my headphones, […]

Kitchen W8

Totally yummy meal at Kitchen W8 and what a lovely place to walk. I got off the tube a 15 minute walk away according to citymapper but I managed to take 45 and I could have taken longer. According to their website “Kensington’s Michelin starred neighbourhood restaurant, near High Street Kensington and close to the […]