THE GROCER for lunch at Spitalfields

On a quest for a relaxing place to spend a few hours using wifi and eating lunch I wound up after a bit of a walk at Spitalfields, I saw a few tables taken and some comfortable looming sofas and went in and plopped down on a sofa. It took twenty minutes to place my […]

Sculptures In the City

Back in June when I first was wandering I caught a glimpse out the bus window, down a side street near Liverpool Street Station and there was this weird house sitting atop what looked like a footbridge across the street. I went back on foot a few days later and snapped a photo or two […]

To Marlow

Three trains and just over an hour from London and we have seen at least two things of note. First at the station at Slough. A stuffed dog. A real, once was alive, 120 year old, stuffed dog. In a case, on the platform. An explanation found on a blog called He has a […]


Now this was a super fabulous wonderful great day out. It was chock full of everything we enjoy. A walk, a drive, a train, some history, some food, new places, churches, towns, the sea. We did it all The day started for me with a three hour train ride (in first class which appears to […]

EFES Turkish Restaurant & the Whitechapel Gallery

At the end of Brick Lane, or the beginning, we chose dinner at Efes because it is close to Whitechapel Gallery where we are headed for an art talk. ┬áThe dinner was passable, the evening – well – glad I did it…. glad it is over. How did it all start? Surprise, again, a google […]

2 Xiao Long Bao in Chinatown, a garden, the river, a wander

Last night we took a long bus ride towards dinner. The bus was on diversion which I still dont quite understand. Can you get off? How do you know when it’s going on diversion? Where will it resume its path? Londoners I have asked dont really seem to know. And a google search doesn’t provide […]

Back in London and a visit to the British Library

After nearly two months in Miami where I enjoyed my daughter and drove my air conditioned car to an air conditioned restaurant twice a day its nice to be back in London where walking and public transportation are my preferred means of getting around and my days are once again free to explore. Though the […]

A Morning Wander on a Canal

We have been watching youtube videos of travels on the over 2000 miles of canals in Great Britain. And so Brad planned a lovely day. A short walk after a long bus ride last Saturday morning, and we arrive before 10 at the canal. It is so peaceful. We pass a few walkers and are […]


Yesterday I noticed two large red cranes on Brick Lane, I didn’t give them much thought and went on with my day. At the end of the day as I sat looking out my window I noticed something funny clinging to the smokestack. AS the sun went down, the lights came up. We then went […]