A Drive to the Cloisters

  Is it Washington Heights or Inwood?   and this is the plan for the day.   the only hesitation is lunch.     and will i pass out from exhaustion before we are done?  off we go….   We did it all tho the cloisters and the Fort Tryon Park, which are in the […]

Food Market

1200 Lex  b/w 81 & 82.  Food Passion.  Great veggies and fried chicken and some very good looking desserts.

Libraries at Lincoln Center

Amazingly there are two libraries at Lincoln Center, one on the plaza- The Library of Performing Arts and in back on Amsteradm is The Riverside Branch.  Riverside is an ordinary library and the only branch that seems to have a book drop box, they also have game afternoons on Thursdays…Monopoly anyone? Now, The Library of […]

58th Street Library

This is the most ordinary library I think I have been to.  Its bright and convenient and while there I learned that there is a book group at one library or another every day of the week…. Too much to do, but when I am ready to make friends, this might be the first place […]

Crunchy Fried Chicken

Went to The Smith last night for dinner.  Trying to get to know the neighborhood.  Whats amazing is that I ha don idea where I was.  I keep visiting the East Village and having no idea where I am.  I’m hoping that will eventually change. The Smith was good.  Not great as the chicken was […]

Blondie, Crisper, Eclair

All superb.  But at Eclair it was the crisper that won.  A mound of chocolate and ganache and crunch.  On 58th street just off 1st.


Bon Vivant, not my usual stop as i search out chocolates and brownies.  But today, on a search for a great baker near the house I stumbled on this yummy vanilla petit four.


It took some time to digest what I was seeing.  Huge sculptures scattered throughout a hilly pastural landscape.  Why?  what was this all about.  But as we walked and looked and sat and talked it started to come clear.  This was for pleasure.  Someone was indulging their own whim and i was being invited along […]