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I would like to say as we sit at El Mercado waiting for our sopa and enchiladas at almost 2 pm that we had a late start today but really not. We had a bit of a false start that was almost a jackpot when we headed out […]


I went to Hoboken and I loved it.  Coming in From Miami and landing at Newark was a new experience… and nothing makes me want to try something new like doing something new.. and we needed groceries.  So, Hoboken it was.  What a place to live if you […]


Saturday morning and we have no plan… Stay in the city, do a grocery run, its a beautiful day – maybe take a walk.  Well, somehow we both came up with Bethpage.  He decided because it was central on the island and we have done north and south, […]

Maybe Good Sams is worthwhile

As i look towards our next outing to Uncle G’s in Jersey I played around on good Sams trip planner and found a really nice itinerary added to the end… I’ve copied it here. I like the details of the stops. Sadly, it didn’t know uncle Giuseppes.. does […]