To begin, it was a long drive – we had a fabulous dessert near Richmond at Dunbri’s – a little bit of a British theme and cakes, and soft serve and candies and and and-, and ok bbq at The Bone in Gainesville VA. Now, this morning I went out on my own, took a […]


no soup dumplings until after 5 pm So we got finger bao along with scallion pancake with beef and string beans. The beans were great. The pancakes good. The dumplings flavorless We spent most of lunch picking places where we can hopefully grab a baguette

Ordering in

So we are/ I am on an order in Chinese kick this week. It’s actually my normal condition but this week I went overboard and tried a few new places King Jade Garden – some super yummy roast pork, a good soup dumpling except the soup spilled out, bland broccoli, and a passable low mein. […]

Chow House 181 Bleecker St

Dumplings – ok noodles had a nice flavor Broccoli was incredibly spicy location and cleanliness both good would try again if I were in the neighborhood, craving dumplings and had the 35 minutes. Stopped in on the way to the Rattle Theatre. It was fine, nothing else to say.

OOTOYA, Great Japanese

So the girls are in town for Thanksgiving and we all wanted to see the Christmas market, the tree and the ice skaters at Bryant Park so it was only natural to google ‘best Japanese lunch’. After a few discussions it was settled we would try Ootoya. We arrived to a wait of a half […]

Red Peony Chinese

Another Chinese delivery from Grubhub Pork Steamed Soup Buns.$9.95, Dry Sauteed String Beans $18.95, Mai Fun Beef, Crispy Pork Chops with Peppery Salt Red Peony (Formerly Joe’s Shanghai) – how could I not try it… Well, if I had known how expensive and not good it was I could have resisted. The soup dumplings were […]

Paris – Day 2 – CAR FREE

A pillow, I needed a pillow, so we got to go shopping —- into a nearby department store we went. Le BHV- it was easy to find soemone who wanted to practice English and we walked out with a few hand towels and ( as I write this the next day – a fabulous pillow […]

PARIS – Day 1. White Nights

We arrived on the Eurostar in no time at all from London and were settled into our dorm room of an airbnb by 1 pm. Great location but really, a five star at an Airbnb is now meaningless to me. Remember- bring soap, hand towels, dishtowels, a few trash bags and a good attitude because […]

2 Xiao Long Bao in Chinatown, a garden, the river, a wander

Last night we took a long bus ride towards dinner. The bus was on diversion which I still dont quite understand. Can you get off? How do you know when it’s going on diversion? Where will it resume its path? Londoners I have asked dont really seem to know. And a google search doesn’t provide […]

Victoria Food Hall, Dominique Ansel and…

Ah, today has been a big day. Decided to give the blog a new look, do a bit of simplifying, and narrow down my focus. I have no idea what or how to narrow down the focus but I have become intrigued by the way I can eat in London. The entire Food Hall, Street […]