Lunch in Baden at Stadtbistro Isebahnli

And it was a very good lunch I had. Worth the search I did in the rain. Its sort of hidden on the back side of the block behind some construction and under a bridge adn it was raining and I did not have an umbrella so my Google Map was covered in rain but […]

Goldman Gallery & Grolier Club

Such a lovely day and back in NYC. After a morning of errands I found myself looking up at the Hermes store. At first I didn’t know what it was, I just knew that I wished I could get to the top. So, I followed a stream of people inside and wow. Really beautiful. With […]

The Poutinerie

Lunch on the street at Brick Lane Sunday Market. And a name to know. Super delicious with super hot hot sauce. And a pulled pork on top!

St. Albans!!! The Pudding Stop & all the restaurants

So many things about the UK are different and so many words we assume we know that we don’t. Last week I learned that curry is the generic term to describe all Indian food, uh, no. It was while we were having dinner at the Taste of Raj in Southgate that I finally figured it […]

From Coimbra Portugal – Day 1

With rain forecast north of us we headed south with an ambitious plan. Drive off the main roads to Souce, lunch at Dom Largo, drive on to Lourical, Viera De Leiria, Batalha Monastery, Alcobaca, then finish the day at the coast in Nazare where they surf huge waves. We didn’t quite keep to plan. By […]

Paris Open Bus Tour

I loved the open bus tour… it was fabulous with three routes that touch each other at some point . I did all three and would happily do them again. A great way to get oriented… but.. sometimes I take notes and never actually get to write the post. this would be one of those […]

Eat Tokyo – Holborn

I found good sushi, really good I think. Though I think Eat Sushi is a chain I didn’t get the chain feel. The chef was clearly in charge, he had his picture in the menu and in deference I ordered the two specials of the day. I sat at the bar, stuck in my headphones, […]

THE GROCER for lunch at Spitalfields

On a quest for a relaxing place to spend a few hours using wifi and eating lunch I wound up after a bit of a walk at Spitalfields, I saw a few tables taken and some comfortable looming sofas and went in and plopped down on a sofa. It took twenty minutes to place my […]

To Marlow

Three trains and just over an hour from London and we have seen at least two things of note. First at the station at Slough. A stuffed dog. A real, once was alive, 120 year old, stuffed dog. In a case, on the platform. An explanation found on a blog called He has a […]