Minetta Tavern is a meat lovers dream,  A burger renowned across the city.  Located blocks from Washington Square Park…. By far the most expensive meal I ever paid for but worth it to see my kids happy.. And the steak tartare – nothing will ever come close.  We had a steak for two the size […]

Havana Harry’s

Good Ol’ Havanna Harry’s.  Always good. Never having been to Havanna I can’t say how authentic it is here but i can tell you that all day every day people are enjoying an abundance of food at a good price .  All full flavored and amazing desserts.  


One of the best steakhouses I have ever been to and yet i dont’ hear of anyone going.

Chart House

I can’t believe it closed.  Progress.  I suppose soon we will have other restaurants with as good a view, hopefully better.


its another great steak house in coral gables.  Probably the nicest bar area.

Chef Adriannes

Out narthex Tamiami Airport. Overpriced but relish.  We arrived without a reservation nd sat at the bar.  The bartender was more than friendly, the food more than good, yet I know I will not be returning.  I guess I just think there are better places.  BUT, if you find yourself in the neighborhood, it is […]

Asador 5 Jotas Sometimes on a Wednesday night Todd knows just where we are going, usually actually that is the case.  But I think we wound up here completely by accident.  And we loved it.  We still aren’t sure what the name is about.  5 hams?  yeah, but there seems to be more to it- that is […]

Del Sur

closed due to fire, its a great neighborhood place for a nice steak or a good piece of fish.. I hope  it reopens

Ruths Chris

My Dad’s favorite.  I like the way they butter the steaks.  They are happy to please, even eager and the food is delicious.